Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"Who Is Andrew WK Really?" -
(or "What is actually going on...")

"In that way it's like you're telling it's history without knowing where it's going, or that maybe where it's come from was designed in advance, or even more amazing, that where it's gone was all a patient thing that this person wanted to do so that then it could appear to be there while it slowly becomes clear (even more in hindsight) that it was all planned and that all our thoughts were designed for us by our vision of what's to come."
- quote from 1999 Andrew WK interview

After pouring over what information I already had, and researching a slew of new theories, I can present a much clearer (but still incredibly incomplete) picture of what is happening with Andrew WK and where it all began. This is an effort to paint a more understandable portrait of who this man really is the pieces involved.

First of all, I want to share a selection of resources that I found informative and sometimes helpful. You can investigate these on your own and draw your own conclusions. Some are more accurate than others, but they all offer further insight into this realm of questioning. At the very least, they're interesting...

THIS SITE appears to be a genuine MySpace page, however the information it offers is minimal and misleading. It's very possible that this could in fact be a genuine site related directly to Andrew WK and/or Steev Mike, but it's also possible that some imposter is posing as Steev Mike/Andrew WK as a way to present their own personal ideas about the true nature of Andrew WK, disguised as the man (or men or people) directly. There's no shortage of suspicious Andrew WK related MySpace pages, and I doubt if any one of them is the genuine article...
SITE 2 - SITE 3 - SITE 4

For better or worse, there's no way to confirm exactly who's behind any of these sites. It's possible it could all be the same person, although I doubt it. It's also possible that at least one of the sites is an actual Andrew WK webpage, created by Andrew WK (or his company) to promote his music. "SITE 2" could actually be a legitimate attempt to represent Andrew WK's music, but it's also very possible that it's the work of a passionate fan. It seems to be growing more and more common for people to pose as Andrew WK and to use that position as a sounding board for their own opinions and ideas. What I find so interesting about this, is that when someone actually pretends to be Andrew WK, or acts like him, they are infact imitating an impersonator. It's like making a replica of a plastic flower. Unfortunately, this makes the task of putting together the truth all the more difficult. At this point, almost all the information I find about Andrew WK (and just about everyone I speak with about the subject) all revolves around this same unknowable sense of paranoia and confusion. It's almost impossible to know who to believe or what is real or who's really who they say they are. However, from inside this chaos there is one truth, and that's the point of this site.

Here are a few more sources that I've been turning to lately:

SITE 5 - SITE 6 - SITE 7 - SITE 8 ...and of course: SITE 9


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  20. Andrew W.K. himself stated in an interview less than a year old, that his manager got the myspace url andrewwk deleted by the former user, so that andreww.k. himself could manage his own myspace.
    Which in fact he does state in a radio interview "Jordan Jesse Go" (link provided on his website that he manages his own myspace.

    Site 2,

    is his real myspace

  21. Anonymous12:20 PM

    This has to be the absolute dumbest website I've ever seen. Not only is the content plain stupid, but your writing is wrought with typos. You are a pathetic excuse for a journalist, philosopher*, and person. Go off yourself.

    *Your ideas on the subjective nature of Andrew W.K.'s ideas seem to be plagiarized from postmodern and anti-realist thought... except, yours don't make sense, and reading it made me feel a lot dumber.

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