Monday, December 12, 2005

"Imitation Impersonation" -

In this entry, I attempt to dispel popular Andrew WK rumors and pick apart myth from reality. There's been more than a lot of misunderstandings surrounding what now should be very basic questions. It's been my goal all along to create a place where these facts could be put on the table and discussed for all to see. Unfortunately, there are too many other sources of misinformation, filled with pretenders producing more problems than solutions. Far too often, the truth is stuck behind the locked doors of the key-holders. Well, I don't claim to have the key, but I've managed to pick the lock, and on this site I'll continue to display all the fruits of my pillaging.

I'd like to start with a common Andrew WK topic that I've already discussed here at length. It begins with the ever growing trend of individuals "posing" or "pretending" to be Andrew WK. This includes the popular halloween costumes as well as the now frequent unknown writers, using Andrew WK's name and claiming that he's authored their texts. From these rather innocent "dress up" beginnings, the idea has mutated and come of age, and we now see people pretending to be Andrew WK pretending to be someone else. Even I myself have been accused of pretending to be someone who is actually Andrew WK pretending to be someone else. This, of course, is not the case, but I couldn't help getting caught up in the tunnels of this accusation. Not only am I not Andrew WK, I'm also not someone pretending to be someone acting as though he's Andrew WK writing in another name. I can conitnue like this, but there's really no need: I am not Andrew WK, and for that I'm quite glad.

If it's now become common knowledge that Andrew WK has in the past impersonated himself, in order to perform concerts or do other Andrew WK related performing, then it should come as no surprise that many of his fans have also taken to posing as one of Andrew WK's self-impersonations. This can be seen in many phazes of Andrew WK's career, but it seems now almost intentional. The delibracy of these acts points us once again towards the large amount of pre-planning that seems to have gone into just about every piece of the Andrew WK story.

It's unnecessary to get lost in a series of mind numbing questions when we can tunnel out at any time and see the big picture clearly: Andrew WK is a lie. There are groups of lies, and lies within lies, but overall, it's one big set of lies. This set has many offshoots and pieces, but they all tie back into the trunk, and right down to the roots. I now present you with the truth behind the most basic and ongoing Andrew WK myths:

MYTH: "Andrew WK broke his nose with a brick for his "I Get Wet" album cover."

FACT: Andrew WK did in fact break his nose, but it was not broken for the cover of "I Get Wet". In the original "I Get Wet" album cover, Andrew did not hit his nose with a brick or any other object to achieve the bloody nose on the "I Get Wet" album cover. The photograph had been produced using special lighting, makeup, and computer effects. If one looks closely at the picture, one can see evidence of photo re-touching as well as the obvious make-up work done around the nose and mouth. The "scabby" looking dried blood was achieved using corn starch and rubber cement - it's a common movie effect. All of the materials used in creating the "I Get Wet" cover can be purchased from any movie makeup supply store.

MYTH: "Andrew WK put pig's blood on his face to make it look real."

TRUTH: This is our first case of the myth being based on some truth. Andrew WK has said in dozens of interviews that he added pig's blood on his face, to enhance the blood coming from his "broken nose". This is actually true - Andrew's long time photographer, Roe Ethridge (who also took pictures for "The Wolf") has said in interviews that Andrew had bought butcher's blood from a local butcher shop. It isn't necessarily pig's blood, but the blood on his face is supposedly some sort of animal blood.

MYTH: "Andrew WK's father wrote Andrew's songs."

TRUTH: This is one of the larger questions currently surrounding Andrew WK. It's never been officially answered by Andrew himself, but over the years, pieces of truth have escaped, and it's possible to now explain how this myth actually began. First of all, the easy answer is "no" - Andrew's father, James E. Krier, did not write any of Andrew's music. However, from there the truth gets much more cloudy. It IS believed that Andrew's father was heavily involved in the first ideas and concepts behind Andrew WK's over-all style. Andrew's father was the first to promote and release the early recordings by Andrew WK. It's also believed, based on interviews, that James E. Krier created the "Andrew WK" name and image. The first officially released "Andrew WK" songs were released by a record label called, Bulb Records, which was operated by a man named Peter Larson. What's not often known is that James Krier provided the money needed to start the label and eventually release music by Andrew WK. When this fact came to light, the Bulb Records company mysteriously dissappeared and went "out of business". It's believed that the majority of the releases on the Bulb Records catalogue were actually nothing more than attempts to create the "appearance" of an actual record label with many artists and many releases. James E. Krier and Peter Larson would bang-out the recordings cheaply and quickly - any listen to a non-Andrew WK Bulb Records release proves this point.



  1. Anonymous10:51 AM

    why your now saying is FALSE FAKE FAKES are existing??
    Bullshit: ANDREW WK never existed.
    If he nver existed how can false fakes of him exist?!
    This is all a reflextion of your own mirror buddy, now if other people are latching on and running with it.... OK fine then everyone is cohabitaing within this mirrored illusionary existance, but isnt that fuels the modern infrastructure??
    Hopefully the dim wit at the end of tunnel will use these models for better human comprehension on how everything is manipulated and kept undercontrol but to place all the weight upon ones shoulders is just asking for a repeat of the messianic ritual sacrafice. Now who wants that?
    Decentralization is the only way.

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    Yeah, I was getting a distinct "someone's dad" vibe off that one Mind Flayer record...

  4. But some of the bands on Bulb Records continute to release albums and have followings.

  5. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Peter Larson was in 25 Suaves who were awesome. I saw them with Andrew WK in 2000.

  6. Anonymous12:19 AM

    You contradict yourself. First you say that the cover is a reproduction using makeup and technology, but in the very next paragraph it's actually pig's blood? I call bullshit.

  7. Anonymous12:19 PM

    This has to be the absolute dumbest website I've ever seen. Not only is the content plain stupid, but your writing is wrought with typos. You are a pathetic excuse for a journalist, philosopher*, and person. Go off yourself.

    *Your ideas on the subjective nature of Andrew W.K.'s ideas seem to be plagiarized from postmodern and anti-realist thought... except, yours don't make sense, and reading it made me feel a lot dumber.

  8. Anonymous4:21 PM

    You guys are nucking futs

  9. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I have to agree with that last guy...