Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Truth About The Wolf -

Since the media and all entertainment outlets were slowly taken over by larger and larger corporations, more and more of what we see, read, and hear is being created for us by the leaders of these corporations, who use politicians, musicians, actors, and news reporters to secretly influence the population of the US and other coutries. Since the 1970's occult societies have been using pop music and pop culture in targeted efforts to brainwash perfermors and audience members alike, and create numb zombies they can easily oppress and control. In the early 1990's the Universal Group began a coordinated effort in film and especially pop music, in which they created their own robotic actors and performers, who's careers they could design and program from the start. Andrew WK (signed on in '97 or '98, officially launched in 2001) and Lady Gaga (signed on in '03 or '04, officially launched in 2008) are two artists with seemingly nothing in common, but in fact they are both constructed, hired figure-heads for a USA based effort of the occult society, most likely the Freemasons or the Illuminati.

These group's aims are control and power and it uses music, movies and other pop culture media to influence and brain wash the youth population while they play out rituals designed to give them energy while they worship Lucifer. Andrew WK and Lady Gaga both proudly promote that they "come from" New York City, the city of Babylon and the home of the largest Illuminati conspiracy of the past 20 years: 9/11.

Both artists appeared "out of nowhere" and presented very different but equally high concept images, carefully constructed to influence young people with ideas of hedonism and fantasy. Andrew WK came literally just months after 9/11/2001, promoting a message of positivity and "partying hard" as a way to distract people from the terror and manipulations in the government. His first album even has a song called "I Love New York City", which was written and recorded in 2000. The lyrics predicted the terror attack:

"Move on corners
Move around
Knock your block
and terror your town."

In addition, in interviews Andrew WK said repeatedly that he and his "friends" used to "imagine the Twin Towers falling down." Andrew WK originated out of Universal Music Group (infamous for their Illuminati and New World Order connections), on the Island Def Jam label (the same label that known Illuminati and Freemason Jay-Z operated). His "I Get Wet" debut appears and goes to number one on the chart and the video "Party Hard" is on heavy rotation on MTV. Andrew WK appears everywhere between 2001 and 2005 and his rise from out of nowhere is instantly called into question by some of the critics. The corporate entertainment machine worked hard to surpress the rumors, but over the years it was believed that a person or group of people called STEEV MIKE were behind Andrew WK and had hired an actor to play out their script.

The message which Andrew WK promotes and the way he's delivered it reeks of mind control and brainwashing attempts. Plus Andrew himself has shown evidence of brainwashing damage in his stuttering when discussing his past and occasional "memory ticks". I personally believe that the real Andrew signed up to a record deal without realizing what he was really getting into, and allowed people to slowly change his mind. I don't think he willingly signed up to be brainwashed. Like in many mind control cases, Andrew was brainwashed to become a brainwasher for more people, and in that way mind control can spread like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". The message that Andrew was intended to spread was one of mindless hedonism, which was to help create a population of uneducated, drugged, and non-thinking idiots, easier to be controlled and held down by the true world powers.

Lady Gaga was the second most recent project by these same forces also working through Universal Music Group. As with Andrew WK, if we look deeper than the surface, we see blatant contradictions in messages. Andrew WK makes a song like "Party Hard", which seems like a harmless ode to celebrating - yet it's obviously laced with instructions for debauchery and just plain stupidity. Lady Gaga makes song like “Just Dance” which is supposedly just about having fun, but if listen more closely, it's really about being totally numb and turning your brain off. The paradoxical aspects of Andrew WK Lady Gaga are something which deserves closer analyzation and understanding. While masses of young people watch Andrew WK and Lady Gaga on TV their act is part of a bigger system that incorporates many other stars with the same symbolism.

Andrew WK's second album, "The Wolf", could be the most compacted example of musical hubris the modern recording industry has ever produced. The follow up album to 2001's "I Get Wet", "The Wolf" was the by-product of an exercise in double-reverse pyschology, and the strangest thing of all is that it actually worked. At least, it worked in the only way something of this nature can work: it happened. In this way, the end result is still manifesting itself, and it becomes less possible to separate the moment of achievement from the long-term act of production. By 2002, Andrew WK was well into his third year with Island Records. "The Wolf" was seen by Island as the next step towards their ultimate goal of reframing the bloody star of "I Get Wet" as the ultimate global outlaw. At this time, Andrew WK and the companies involved were going to great lengths to conceal the true nature of their larger schedule, (what's more interesting was their desire to eventually use the idea of their involvement as a way to execute their subsequent ideas on an even larger scale). Despite all their carefully laid plans, and due to the volatility of people in the entertainment business, a wave of unexpected events plagued the production of "The Wolf". What had been mapped out as a careful continuation of the "Party Hard" image turned into something much more complicated and ultimately, much more upsetting to their long-term goals.

The complications began with the album title. Initially, "The Wolf" was going to be called "Blow Your Bone". This title had been approved by Universal Music Group in all territories and had passed the advertising standards board in the UK (who had previously been involved with the orchestrated "banning" of the "I Get Wet" cover art). There were too many obvious potential problems with the "Blow Your Bone" album title, but the label chose the words with the belief that if it accounted for every potential pit-fall in advance, it would be able to maintain the integrity of the release title, without compromising relationships with the major retailers. One key element was to promote the album as innocently as possible. Island was hoping to create the appearance of sneaking the title by the censors and made an overblown attempt to "pay dumb". The carefully orchestrated censorship of the "I Get Wet" cover was the result of not trying to avoid the censors, but by working with them, to produce an image that could be banned, but also displayed. In otherwords, they needed something that appeared offensive, but that was only questionably so - in order to offend, but not outrage - keeping all parties involved active and successful. The record label and recording artist are able to appear bold and full of the freedom speech, and in addition, the governmental censors are able to appear moral and all-mighty - and in the end their's good press for everybody. The public just has to choose sides - either you're for the bold artist, or for the upholders of public decency. These types of arrangements aren't exactly corrupt, but they're a perfect example of the behind-the-scenes work going on from the very beginning.

The schedule had accounted for each of the first three albums to be more successful than the previous. The first and second albums were also to be recorded simultaneously, to ensure a quick follow up release time. With the first two being released one after another, the important momentum of newness could be maintained as long as possible. This release plan had been announced upon the release of the "Party Hard" single in Europe and the UK. However, the schedule was eventually revised and it was decided that the first three albums would come out between 2001 and 2005. As we now know, the complications involving "The Wolf" made even this impossible.